A Reflection on my journey.

Today is the last session of the Love class 2017-18. And while the participants are writing their reflections, I thought why not to pen down some of my thoughts too! This was a first stint as a ‘Facilitator’ for me and I must say it was worth taking up. Yes, it calls for extra efforts and time but  I’m thankful to my entire group and buddy -Priyanka Chhabra for helping me sail through this responsibility. I must say many of the participants of our group brought life to the sessions by sharing their stories and almost all were open to listen and may be question their paradigms too. All these years with Life class, sharing my thoughts & ideas and listening to others has really helped me to reflect on myself as a person, my paradigms, my relations, the way I handle situations, the way I raise my kids and what not. As they say, awareness is the first step towards bringing a change, it is really important to be aware of your actions and thoughts which define us and our relationships. Having said that, I also admit that it is not always easy to respond in the most appropriate manner or not to operate from our paradigms. It is a conscious effort that we need to make and it is very much possible that we’ll falter. Honestly speaking, it is work in progress for me and I’m sure for most of us. But I personally feel these life classes are an important component of our personal development at FS and also help us to perform better at our work. I look forward to explore and discover more of myself further in the upcoming life class.


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