Learning for life

I am thankful to FS for providing these wonderful 9 days and making me think about my life. I am thankful to the facilitators (Ms. Tasnim Batliwala and Ms. Mitali Shah) who guided us in the right direction throughout this journey. Also, thankful for the efforts of all staff to make these days successful. I would conclude my learning as follows:

3 things that I liked –

  1. Sharing our personal and professional life with complete strangers and hearing about the same from them.
  2. Finding out the answers to all the WHY’s of our life.
  3. Creating a strong bond with the members ending up in friendships for the lifetime.

2 things that I implemented – 

  1. All the habits that are discussed elaborately in life classes have an impact on our lives. To be specific, I have understood the importance of listening. So, I am trying to become an empathetic listener to increase my Emotional Bank Account.
  2. After attending the life classes, I have understood the importance of LIFE. I have become more attentive towards my body, mind, and soul. Now, I often listen to them.

1 thing that I need to improve – 

  1. Begin with the end in mind. I still need to improve my thinking skills to foresee the results of my actions. I want to achieve excellence in planning things and implementing them on time.


With gratitude and warm regards,

Vaishali Chauhan 🙂

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