Reflection for 7 habits – Manisha Guha and Harsh Parchwani

In this daily hustle bustle of making a living, we have forgotten to live the life for which we are doing all this. Life class gave us a chance to jell up with other members from FS family, peep into their life. We tried to understand the different perspectives and the ways they look upon life in their own ways.

It changed our outlook on life in a better way. The journey of life class had made a paradigm shift in our thoughts beliefs and the way to see the world. All those tense sessions which taught to begin with the end in mind gave us the concept of looking at the big picture in life. Fun team games in life class made us realize the importance of health and synergy with the team members.

Importance of win-win concept, which we usually hear a lot nowadays, in leading a peaceful life was understood through rigorous discussions and case studies.

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