Life class – 7 Habits

2020 has been one challenging year. It was at this time that I learned my roles and responsibilities as an HRT and got acquainted with the FS culture. I saw myself adapt to newer technologies, new ways of teaching, getting to know the new team that I’ll be working with through the current academic year, and better time management. 


The life classes provide great mental stability to handle unforeseen situations. It helped me transition to an online mode of education just because all of us believed in being prepared beforehand. The knowledge gained in the life class helped me become more practical in looking at the problems in life. We have healthy discussions in the group which helps us understand the different perspectives towards life. The facilitators ensured that everyone is comfortable, involved, and participative in the class. I heartily thank FS for conducting such classes that act as a guide, not only in professional development but also in personal growth. 


Overall the sessions were fruitful and it was a beautiful learning experience!

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