My Learning Journey till Now

Year 2020 marks my entry in FS as a Career Counselor. Just a month had gone since I joined, when the pandemic put the world in a fix. No one had ever thought that such a challenge would be coming up. But it’s already the end of the year and we all have been working from our homes since March. During this entire time, I learned my roles and responsibilities as a career counselor and FS culture. I saw myself learn new technological tools, new ways of communicating better, team-work and better time management. Every evening when I saw myself perform as per my expectations, I had a sense of satisfaction and also huge gratitude that I had a job during this pandemic and a good support system. This was also the time when I got to be a part of the Life Classes. The way FS emphasizes on following the Bible of efficient work and effective people (The book- 7 habits of Highly effective people), is commendable. The very foundation of FS people ought to be so strong that no doubt it is a great place to be associated with. The founders, staff, teachers, facilitators plan and work together so efficiently that we could deal with this pandemic with flying colors. I can easily say that we could transition to online mode of education just because all of us believed in being prepared beforehand. The life classes provide great mental stability to handle unforeseen situations. I am looking forward to a New Year with a hope to work in school and to interact with everyone like we used to. Fingers Crossed!

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