Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking-

Today’s session was started with the topic ‘Women smile more than men’. A video was shown to understand the different perspectives about it. Then a movie was shown to understand implicit biases which we all have. The movie helped us to get aware of our biases which maybe we are not aware of. All these biases come from our surrounding people, our experiences, our culture, etc.

We understood that we should be aware of the reasons for these biases and should take decisions after critical thinking. Steps of scientific methodologies will also help us while raising questions. first of all, we should be aware of what do we want to know and then frame a good question. After it, research and evidence should be there to prove our point of view. Article reading on Manipulative Advertisements was read and discussed with examples. Six common Manipulative Advertising tactics like; Price, Promotion, Fear, Aspirations, Peer Pressure, and Novelty were to understand how Advertisements attract customers.

The sessions were helpful to learn and open our minds in all situations.



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