7 Habits Alpha -My Reflection

I think about life classes is how much I’ve learned in these 8 days. Many things I already know but those are “precious and must applicable things”, here in life classes I learned this. Like for example, today on Day 8, there was a question, What is important assets do you think you have?. I answered My adaptability and Family. But eventually it was “My HEALTH”. I always knew that Health is wealth but here I come to know it’s importance after healthy discussion.

Meeting people with different background, sharing with them and listening from them was the incredible experience. Like many other people I do have a list of task to do. But how to manage important things and put first things first is something I learned from here. We also watched “Wake up Sid” and learnt about how to be proactive and take charge to your own life and live life with full enthusiasm. Making your own emotional bank account which helps in making and maintaining our relationship with others. On day 7, we watch a Bollywood movie “GOLD”. Though this film I come to know that every one is best in his/her field. But what makes you to achieve your goal is, “Team Work”.  Visitng on Suwali Beach and playing there with colleagues take me to my childhood. This is possible in Life class where you live like you are there only, forgetting all the worries and pressures.

Thank you to our Facilitator, Ms. Rashida Golawala and Ms. Jimmy Lineswala. They are fantastic in carrying out these sessions with full enthusiasm. I also saw teamwork between them. They never made boring and ensures everyone to participate. Thank you again Ma’am.

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