7 Habits Alpha

It was an amazing journey. It was full of fruitful exercises and the learnings and sharing from the classes gave me a new insight into life.  We also discussed our problems which could be professional, financial, or personal, and their possible reasons and solutions. It changed my point of view to live and lead my life. 7 Habits taught me to categorize the important thing in life based on its urgency. It taught me the importance of sparing some time for myself. It made me realize that two heads are better than one head. There are some Aha moments about life class like we spend some good time on a field trip in Suvali beach where we learn how to work in a team to produce efficient results & writing the thank you letter to whom you love. Overall it was an enlightening experience and session and I am thankful to our facilitator Jimmy ma’am and Rashida ma’am for giving me a choice on how I can explore my life by keeping these habits in mind. I am looking forward to our next life class session.


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