A Memorable Life Class Journey (7 HabitsAlpha)

So to start with there is no better place than FOUNTAINHEAD SCHOOL to work in.

Well the concept of life class is very unique and exclusive as it gives us a chance to show our most brightest side and also our most darkest side of our life.

I was a very shy person when it came to speaking in groups but when I joined the first class from that day till today I learnt to mingle up with everyone around me as the fear of being judged was never there. While learning the 7 habits I also simultaneously started applying it in my personal and professional life which brought a lot of changes in me, I became more confident of myself, I started sPeaking out where I should, I started to look at things differently for e.g previously when I use to watch any movies I never use to think much but now when I watch any kind of movies I start thinking about the logic about what learning i got from it. A lot of positive changes happened with me while taking the life classes along with going in detail about the habits….Not to forget our facilitators Jimmi Ma’am and Rashida Ma’am whom I thank from my ❤ as the way they took the classes without letting us get bored for a minute also with delivering the purpose.

Last but not the least the blog I am writing today I think I could not write it better if this life class was not there.

Thank you FS and all my group members for being kind, helpful and friendly….

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