Reflection of Life class – 7 Habits class

For me, attending a life class is being a wonderful experience. Each habit teaches how our life can be worth living both the way, professional and personal. I have started identifying what’s good and bad in me. I never realised this before. I am really grateful to this. In the class each habits are being explained with certain examples and true/realistic instances. There we can join the dots where this can relate to our lives too and there we are being able to identify and analyse our ongoing life. The best part for me was the second habit which is “Begin with End in mind”. That touched me a lot. In fact I have started working on it too. I think I have started prioritise my work in a well manner At school and at home as well. Thus I get a time for Me and able to focus on myself/my likes-dislikes/my dearest people.
I would like to thank Fountainhead school for giving such exploration and our facilitator for taking each wonderful sessions. This couldn’t be as fruitful as really it is without their support and their involvement.

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