7 habits-Alpha

Ever since I joined the school, I had been listening about life classes. There were various perspectives of people and most of them were speaking about the changes in their lives after the life classes. So, I was also very excited about attending and witnessing the journey of transformation. But back in my mind, I was thinking what are life classes? How could they bring change in anyone’s lives? But to my surprise(as FS never fails to surprise the teachers), it(life classes) indeed bought a little change in me too(complete transformation is a long process.)

The very first habit of ‘Being proactive’ instead of being reactive taught me about how I could not react to situations merely by judging them. Moreover, ‘Begin with the end in mind’ really left us thinking that we should stop cribbing over materialistic things because it is people who matter the most and also start to decide your goals(where ones want to reach and plan accordingly. The best take away from the sessions was the paradigm shifts as well as the circles of concern and circles of influence and moving from independence to inter-dependence as well as creating the personal mission statement which will help me to stay more focused.

The habit of ‘Put first things first’ taught me how little things also matter along with big things and life should have everything in it but you need to adjust according to your needs. The four quadrants proved useful to bifurcating our priorities. The habit ‘Seek first to understand and then to be understood’ taught me the importance of empathetic listening and how being heard is of utmost importance to everyone.

I would like to thank FS for helping me to learn new things as well as bringing a change in the way I think which will definitely change my life to an extent.

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