Integrity Reflection #4 [CD]

We have a session by VK, which was really intriguing. One of the most peculiar things that we realised from the session was the introspection on how often we blame people for something, because of-course, that is the most easiest of easy resort. We further had a discussion on how ‘legitimate’ it is to blame others for something happening to us. There was comparatively a lot of sharing.

We all have been talking about our fears. We even revisited back to the level of fears, which definitely now I have a greater clarity about, and I am able to categorise my fears better. One major takeaway  from the session was – ‘Acceptance is the key’. Because I fell, that lack of acceptance is the reason that we tend to blame others and put others into positions of guilt in our lives, which is harmful for both us and them as well. Our conversations revolved around fear, guilt, acceptance and forgiveness. We had to write a forgiveness letter, which i wrote to myself, for time and again blaming me/myself for prioritising things over others, this was surely liberating and made me realise things I had been blaming myself for, but had not even realised or introspected on.

We concluded the session with people sharing their fears from their RAP sheet. And like i always say, it is always good to have a conversation with someone on the outside rather than having it within your brain!


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