Life class 2020 reflection: Journey so far.

Undeniably, 2020 has been the year of an online platform for most of the sectors, especially the education and learning sector. With such, my first experience of Life classes at FS (online) has been amazing with insightful sessions till now (and I am sure would continue to happen in the future too).
The sessions on the first 5 habits(till now) were conducted exquisitely well with different learning engagements like jigsaw reading, video watching, case studies, expressing emotions and sharing ideas, group discussions in break out rooms, and in between great energizers, to keep our energy uplifted.
The sessions were started with tuning into the significance of 7 habits, about the book, ‘7 habits of highly effective people’, written by Stephen Covey. As I dig deeper into understanding, I understood the significance of internalizing his principles into habits. It is important to focus on “actually be” rather than “appear to be”. It also helped me further realize that there is a connection between Habit 1 and Habit 2, ” Habit 1 is a creator, and Habit 2 is the first creation”. Habit 2 helped in getting clarity and better understanding in terms, “we should always know our passion, where we to reach”, i.e; to see the bigger picture, what is deeply important to you?”.
Understanding the circle of concern, the circle of influence, my mission statement added more values in my knowledge nutshell chime. The session on habit 5 was summed up well with the insight on types of listening. “True listening is not just hearing but also understanding what a person truly means”.
Overall, the sessions were conducted in it’s best possible manner in these times. “The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing”.

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