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Life in a workshop? 

Yes, Life classes added life to the learnings that helped us see through a new frame of mind. We were able to build over our preconceived knowledge like; often, we tend to be driven by the circumstances, we obliterate good vibes and signs, we consign to oblivion. However, plunging optimism and patience at that very moment is the proficiency that we need to work upon. 

Second and one of the important factors for me was “realisation”. Realisation if struck at the correct time, it’s a Jackpot! Discerning that humans on earth go through different nature of problems in different phases of life and comprehending that there is always an upside of irrationality, we understood that life without problems could be monotonous. So, let’s live it right!

The limelight for me was “Paradigm shift”. Consciously, we could trace some paradigms that we do believe in. Surprisingly, we had a perspective built since childhood, cultural background and with our experiences. We do follow some unknowingly whereas, we wish to change some attentively. Most importantly, it is possible to can make an attempt, to understand, to seize the particular moment and make some changes according to the current time, place and surroundings.     


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  • siddhi.shah@fountainheadschools.org

    Ever expected someone to listen patiently about your life and anecdotes you share? Have they been really listening?

    I feel lucky to be in a place that values mental health and well being. This is necessary as we cope with a lot at the same time. I am glad that we created a safe space for everyone to share their life stories and some dark secrets too.

    The facilitators were awesome and guided our thought process. They also shared their life stories and it was great connecting with them.

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