Perssonal Project Service

As part of life class -personal project-SERVICE, we went to Dumas Beach for a clean-up drive.

Shortly after reaching the venue, we realized that it would be a hard task as there was litter all around us, there was absolutely no spot without waste. plastic food packs, tin cans, wastage plates, some biohazardous substances, etc. we found all this near the shore, and it’s really harmful to all the living beings. our initiative was to collect all this waste from the shore and gather it at one place and then to dump it at an appropriate place.

While we were cleaning we met a couple of families and a few boys and girls who had come to the beach to enjoy the atmosphere, but as soon as they saw us cleaning the beach, and they came to us and appreciated us for our responsible initiative and they also helped in collecting the waste.

It was a really nice experience for us to SERVE our community by cleaning the beach and our actions inspired others to join hands with us which was an AHA momnet for all ofus.

We all cleaned it up with utmost hard work and made sure to leave the place in a much better condition than it was.As the IB says the EARTH is our shared resource and we need to take care of it, we were pleased to do our bit.

We would also like to thank the school for trusting us and also supporting us in this initiative, adding more to this we will be looking forward to such initiatives by giving our best in it.

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Pursue your passion

This year, I chose ‘pursue your passion’ as my life class option. I believe in equal rights for all living beings. My passion is to work on some of the SDGs which I have selected as my personal goals as a part of doing my bit for my surroundings.

I started with working on goal 15 of the SDG which is ‘life on land’. As a part of this, the first thing I wanted to do was to get the vaccination done of the dogs which stay on the streets as they have nowhere to go. These innocent beings can’t even express their grief.

So, the first two days of life class which were in June, following things were done- vaccination of dogs in two areas of the city. Meeting SMC officials to ask for allotment of land for the dogs in the city so that they do not need to live on the streets. This involved sitting for long hours waiting for the person in charge but with no success. This gave me a reality check about how things work when it comes to living beings other than humans. It was disappointing but had to accept it.

During the next two days of life class which were in August, I did not plan anything as I wanted to attend the Guru Cool fiesta so I attended fitness and singing class during these two days. It was such an enlightening experience to learn singing from a facilitator who has such in-depth knowledge of singing and appreciation for music.

Later, in October, I got a fracture on sports day so during life class in November, I had to continue with attending singing and fitness class.

In the meantime, right from August to November, a lot of things changed for me on a personal level as well in terms of my goal. I did a lot of research, watched certain movies on contributors to global warming and found out that meat and dairy are one of the big contributors. I never had meat in my life and I gave up on dairy products in September 2019 and became vegan, all for my love for animals and their rights. Of course it did contribute to my goals in some way.

So, right from June, I have been working on my goals related to SDGs, I could only use the first two official days of life class for the same but I have been working on it since then on days other than life class days and will continue doing the same.

I had to join singing and fitness group right from day 3 and 4 of life class for reasons mentioned above. Attending singing and fitness class was a worthwhile experience.