7 Habits and Love-Beta_blog post_Vijan Masani

Greetings to all. I want to start by saying thank you to everyone who put up with my bakbak during the full two-day sessions. A sincere thank you to our facilitators for leading such a fantastic session. @Sufyan Saiyed @Jyoti Banthia I may have come out as monotonous, boring, annoying, too detailed, or sarcastic at times, but everything I said was done only for the goal of sharing. I have a tendency to trust others joyfully, as well as to share ideas that make me glad or excited. without any awareness of when to pause or how much to say.. I’m still working on it, as well as improving my speech, pronunciation, and use of Oxford English. So I want to say thanks for being such an amazing audience, completely without judgment. Really, that means a lot.
Another crucial point is that I must make one important commitment. Essential agreement. All of the information about our life that we have disclosed is private and sensitive. In light of this, I hereby declare that I will not spread rumors about or disclose information about such talks to anybody else. Likewise, I expect the same from each of you. Within our small life class family, please keep everything secret.
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