7 Habits & Love Day 1-2 (Gamma)

Firstly a big thanks to my facilitators Ravindra Sir and Vaishali Ma’am for giving us insights of the book, for their personal sharing, and of course the live guitar show for energizing us. These 2 days truly being informative and valuable as we learn how adapting these habits can make our life effective.

From drafting our perfect life to discussing the hurdles of it, from primary greatness to paradigm shift, from being proactive to discussing our circle of concern and influence, from making our personal vision mission statement to identifying our center we had it all, my understanding on all of these things got better by listening to my fellow colleagues experiences.

My Favourite from all of these is Identifying our rocks, pebbles, and sand and prioritization matrix. The matrix is going to help me balance my personal and professional life.

Lastly Thank you to Fountainhead School for giving us all the opportunity to learn and develop professionally.

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