Reflection by Sagarkanya

All throughout my life, it never occurred to me that Love can be such a debatable topic. However, after reading few pages from “The Road Less Traveled” by Dr. M Scott Peck’s during the love classes, it seems as if I am a novice at understanding the value of love!


I would not say that I strongly agree to Dr. Peck’s believes, yet I did have a few self-realizations during these few sessions.


It is very true that in order to strengthen any relationship we have to face some difficulties or go through some pain and make that extra effort to make the other person feel loved. Acceptance, respect, commitment and discipline are essential for any loving relationship but a selfless and unconditional love is as true a feeling. Judgement does play an important role but I believe that the selfless act also arises from the very knowledge that you love a person no matter what.


I wish I could have continued with these sessions in future and found out more about this intriguing aspect of life but I am having to leave Surat soon, so I guess I have to learn the rest from my own experiences. However, I will definitely treasure the learning and reiterate the same to implement in life.

Last but not the least, a hearty thanks to the facilitators, Priyanka ma’am and Nandini ma’am, who invested their time and energy to plan for such sessions and listened patiently to all our concerns. I enjoyed the discussions a lot!




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