Love is an act of will!

The journey of the love classes by far has been an eye-opener for me since I was unaware of the fact that love too demands discipline. Till now, I believed that when a person is in love, he/she gives all of the world to the beloved. Least did I know that it is accompanied by self-sacrifice in most of the cases.

Falling in love doesn’t happen all at once. It indeed is a process called ‘cathexis’ comprising of attraction, investment and commitment. Being with your beloved despite the flaws in him/her. Choosing to live together because you want to. Not that you need to. Love is acceptance. It is breaking off all boundaries to nurture your as well as your beloved’s spiritual growth. Love is all about being happy and being you. Love involves courage and risk. Risk of losing. Risk of independence. Of commitment. Confrontation. And hence, it requires discipline.

The road is yet to be travelled further…

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