Pain ->Power

Once again, learning which was somewhere in the back of the mind but was highlighted to be worked upon. The transition from pain to power. We all have various issues ion life, well, if we treat them as issues. Life classes have made me take such issues as opportunities and this is my take away too from session 3 of Integrity. The journey from pain to power, simultaneously working on many pains to convert in power and yet new pains keep on coming. Finding new comfort zones and each time, it is better than the last. Identifying the pain as to was it actually a pain? If yes, can I work upon it? The powerful vocabulary which says, “I hope”……..Nooooo, “I KNOW”….”What can I do?” NOOOO, it is “I KNOW I CAN HANDLE IT….”..this truly brings in the positivity in you, at least the motivation. Such inspiring reality checks, help you to move ahead. The movie was chosen well, it showed the true essence of the journey from pain to power. Not only NANKI, but there were also a lot of characters who made us introspect. Looking forward to furthering sessions.

  Gym Motivation quote: Turn the pain into power and conquer your goals.

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