In Awe of The Human Spirit

It was really worth the wait of looking forward to a LIFE class. I really wish if something like this would have been taught to us earlier in student life then a lot of time and energy could have been utilized in doing the better stuff than those invested in trials and errors of merely trying to get by our lives dealing with its issues.

Nevertheless better late than never. So, first of all thanks to Sir and Ma’m for imbibing a program like this as part of our professional development which actually leads to development at personal level too and thanks to our Facilitators Mitali Ma’am and Tasneem Ma’am for being good listeners and facilitators. I had goosebumps hearing the challenges faced by my colleagues and amazed at the thought as to what all one can go through and still go on living so normally, so humbly so ferociously. So I would even go all out to salute each one of them to live it all courageously. It was an eye opener and just helped me to put my life and issues in perspective, yes in the right perspective that I, me, my life and my problems are not the center of the universe and that it is in every way possible to go beyond them and resurrect to a better place, person, situation or a better life. So it was a good lesson in itself, a precursor to the Habit 1: Be proactive leading me to be In Awe of The Human Spirit.

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