” Righteousness”

Reflection – Integrity:
                  First of all, would like to appreciate & thank  Vaghisha Ma’am as well as Jyoti Ma’am for conducting the Integrity classes in such an organised & smooth manner. All the batch mates were sincerely involved & there was no uninteresting moment at all during the entire workshop. Honest sharing & learning from each other’s experiences was one of the key features of the workshop.
             The most effective learning for me was to never judge a person immediately because you never know what must be going through their mind / life. Also, appreciate the way most of the people in the group shared about the difficult times faced by them and how courageously they fought & came out of it. Sharing one’s fear & the seven bucks moment also proved to be very effective as it took us all back to those challenging moments which could have resulted in break down & how we managed to tackle the difficult situation strongly.
Learning from self & other’s experiences is definitely going to help  during the various tricky circumstances in life. Thank you FS for this wonderful idea of life classes as this gives us an opportunity to take a pause, know ourselves better & work towards improvement.
Looking forward towards the next Integrity session.

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