Reflection on D5 and 6 Critical thinking class-Lota

On D5 and 6 of our Critical thinkig life class, The exploration of religious biases left a lasting impression on me, unveiling the intricate ways in which our perspectives and convictions ebb and flow with the tides of circumstance. The diverse array of learning tools employed, including videos, articles, group discussions, and debates, has been instrumental in cultivating a more nuanced and critical approach to understanding topics as complex as belief systems, rituals, customs, and traditions.

One of the key takeaways for me has been the realization that critical thinking is not merely an intellectual exercise but a dynamic process deeply intertwined with our values and actions. The class emphasized how it’s important to combine our beliefs with careful thinking about what is morally right. This mix is crucial for dealing with the complexities of ideas like God, religion, and tradition.

The guest speaker sessions with Vardan sir and Parag sir were particularly illuminating. Their insights not only broadened my perspective but also provided practical insights that I foresee being immensely beneficial in navigating future discussions and debates. The diversity of thought they brought to the table served as a powerful catalyst for fostering an emerging thinking power within me.

In essence, these two days have been pivotal in shaping my understanding of critical thinking and its applicability to topics that often elude easy comprehension. I feel equipped not only to engage in thoughtful discourse but also to approach these discussions with a heightened sensitivity to the diverse beliefs and values held by others.

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