Integrity at its best…! A talk from Intergrity & EI – ETA

A very worthwhile and very timely session for myself and for our fractured world. Connecting with others during the session through vulnerable, shared, human needs was so valuable. I liked constantly mixing up participants so we could interact with everyone. Our facilitators guided me all the way through by asking questions, standing with me when I was in pain, and maybe most important, holding space so I felt safe to dive into my pain. From this deepening experience, there was space to create a new belief!

Thank you @Urvashi mam @Abheek sir for this.

I found the session inspiring, interesting and so helpful to understand myself and my communication better. I have more clarity in understanding my feelings (and) needs and observing my judgments, stories, and assumptions. I found it very valuable to deeply understand my needs (before) choosing actions that I can take.

“Thank you, especially for the opportunity to learn new skills in a safe, friendly, peaceful space.

To our facilitators – you were kind, caring facilitators, friendly and approachable.

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