Critical Thinking- Reflection!!

Before starting the class- critical thinking- I always believed that  we all do our best by thinking rightly and making correct decisions- about our choices in life- whether it’s planning for career/ finance to the smallest thing like buying a soap.

So I wonder what will be there in this workshop- Are there types of thinker? Or guidelines about thinking in a correct manner.

In this complex world- I choose to lead a happy and simple life and during any problem or on taking decisions- I mostly prefer to choose things which are simple and quick.

Once the workshop started we were asked about our own definitions of critical thinking- For me- critical thinking is thinking by considering all the aspects like- impact whether positive or negative on my life and people associated with me.

I was happy with my answer as I believed I am doing pretty good job in taking decisions…

After attending the sessions- I was able to reflect that I too have many biases which do reflect in my thinking which eventually affects my decisions.
I realized that I have Bandwagon effect- which states- The tendency to do (or believe) things because many other people do (or believe) the same. I have always been told- You should respect your elders and never question their decisions- So many times I just do the things which they have done- whether choosing a restaurant for giving parties or going to the same doctor or investing in fixed deposits. I even realized that many time I feel it’s safe and why to waste time in searching.
I also have- Duration neglect- I believe I have lots of time in the world. So I tend to delay things- There are many things but majorly I feel I neglected my health thinking I have lots of time for which I do feel guilty after realizing.
After the session, I have started keeping a check on my decisions and doing my best to avoid these biases.

After 4 sessions there has been a small change in my thinking- now I try to evaluate things and take decisions- Like planning a holiday- considering all factors- seeing through a different lens- moving out of my comfort zone- trying to read reviews as well as cross questioning my beliefs.
I try not to be judgmental- instead, I try to find out- try to understand/ experience and then decide.
I started prioritizing things by changing my mindset and understanding value of time.

I understood in life choices can be simple but while making a choice one must be a critical thinker!!


Thank you 🙂

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