Reflections after the 3rd Circle


We listened and shared our thoughts and views on organizing and being connected with each other. We talked about moving from transaction to trust in all our relationships and how that would help us deepen our connections.

We delved into deeper understanding of organizing and connections and how these are same and different from our friendships at the workplace and beyond that.

Reflection by Ritu Chopra

Reflection by Sanjana Amarnani on work life balance

Reflection by Ankita Diwekar Kabra on the above article

This article reminded me of something.
In the past, I have had this conversation with some teacher who said there is a lot of ” work pressure” or ” work stress” at fountainhead . I said there is a lot of work yes.. the pressure and the stress is something that we need to work on because work will always be there.

Thoughts of the anchor:
Great share !
As I ponder on work/ life balance, a very important perspective which is very interesting to dive deep in to is,
Are there any answers to questions of life?? Or the mind which poses such questions is more important to understand then the questions itself??


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