Life Class (7 Habits – Alpha)

Life class was new for me when I joined the fountainhead school, and other organizations do not provide this type of class.

Life class is for life long learners. 

  • Mainly, It covers 4 parameters, which includes Physical, Mental, Spiritual & Emotional dimensions of Life. As per my perception, If we balance above 4 parameters in our daily routine / our life, then we get the best result in professional and personal life with happiness.
  • Sometimes, I realize that some of the important factors & the negative factors of myself. I will work upon those factors & improve it.
  • We did many activities in Lifeclass, which was very interesting & interactive. All credit goes to Bhumika ma’am, Richa ma’am & Fountain Head School for giving wonderful insight about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. 

Ultimately, It is the process to build/create ourselves in a proper manner, which includes behavior, character, relationship, etc.


Life class teaches me a lot. 

All the members & facilitators of the ALPHA group – Thanks a lot.


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