Singing – Bhumit Kansara

The only thing better than singing is more singing. – Ella Fitzgerald

I was very passionate about singing and this year I got an opportunity to understand singing (vocals) in depth by getting myself enrolled for Singing in Life Class. Premsagar Sir started session with making us understand the basics of piano like classification of keys (Mandra, Madhya and Taar Saptak (Octave), its settings and adjustments, etc.

We were further introduced to:
– Different Raagas (Bhupali and Yaman)
– Breathing Techniques
– Sargam Geet with Raag Bhupali
– Aakars and Humming Practice
– Head and chest voice
– Notes (High and Low)
– Harmony Singing and Choir
– Ostinato
– Kharaj
– Rhythm
– Pitches (High & Low) and Voice Control
– Expressions with singing

We have practiced various songs in Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali languages.

We have also done individual recording of the song our choice. The link to my recording:

Thank you Premsagar Sir for conducting such wonderful sessions as I have improved a lot on my vocal skills.

Art and Skills- The Makers Day

Any work is not easy ……………..  and this one was surely not an easy one. All excited and enthusiastic people were tired and exhausted by the end of the day.

We would first like to thank Mr. Husain Cinemawala,  Mr. Manish Tiwari, Kirit Bhai and Ashok Bhai who helped us to make our projects successful.

The task was to design a desk organizer.Some of them took references of the designs,some used their own brains. Desk organizers,dressing table organizer, book racks-whatever they wanted to organize they made.

Step 1: Draw the sketch along with measurements.

Step 2: Kirit bhai/Neha ma’am or if you are a risk taker then go ahead with the cutting and chopping ;))……….. There were some enthusiastic participants who learned how to cut or shape the wood by themselves.

Step 3: Polish/varnish/color, decorate the organizer

The work done by all of the participants was commendable.

The other day was utilized in making a bird house which was not a compulsory project, it was free choice day wherein they could choose to either complete their organizer or learn to make a bird house or if they want to learn something new…we were there to help…………..

A few glimpses of the exciting days..




Adventure in Art and Skills workshop!

First, I want to show gratitude to Neha Bhatia, Mary Gerard and Payal Jain for conducting the workshop and guiding me develop skills that need patience. It was my paradigm that I can never learn art though I wanted to learn it. The only art I knew was cooking as I love to cook, but there are many skills to explore like oil painting, cloth painting, embroidery, clay work, pot painting, and many more…. I had even taken the initiative to practice the skills, learned during the workshop, back at home regularly. During all the workshop days I was excited to come to school to learn something which was not in my comfort zone.

Finally, I am happy to learn new art skills that have kept me engrossed and made me more curious about learning other art skills too…


IMG_20160902_140430 IMG_20160902_140438 IMG_20160902_140629 IMG_20160902_140719 IMG_20160902_140838 IMG_20160902_140855 IMG_20160903_083220



Vaishali Desai.

Art is a medium between what we know and how we ‘feel’!!!

I always wanted to explore this area but never got this wonderful opportunity. So basically I’m jotting down my reflection in form of points and not paragraphs… Here’s a reflection of my learning during this impressive journey of Art and Skills classes:

  • It enhanced my creativity
  • I learnt different ways of expressing emotions
  • I always looked forward to attending arts and skills class as I learned new techniques of the minutest thing in every session.
  • I was unaware of the difference between simple poster color and acrylic color, yes that’s right! I thought both can be used for any painting… It’s like ‘ye nahi toh woh’. But damn, I was so wrong.
  • It taught me how to use specific things for a specific purpose.
  • A lot of my attention was focused on one task. Which led to nagging and pushing the participants to go for a break by our facilitators, literally! (as rightly mentioned by Neha in her write-up)
  • We got such cool facilitators who allowed us to do anything of our choice (only if we were done with our tasks ;-)).
  • I was really skeptical of how will this oil painting turn out but that was my best work out of all the experiments done by me 🙂
  • The good thing is it doesn’t only focus on drawing and painting but a lot of other things. To know more, join this magnificent journey of arts…
  • I would like to continue with this but exploring different areas, coming out of comfort zone is what life is! Wish I could do more of it….but it ends here!!!

I’ll miss attending Art and Skills class…our lovely facilitators and all the energetic participants.

Thanks for everything dearies!!!

Lessons of life

The other day I was taking circle time in my class.

Classroom scenario- Teacher standing in the center and students sitting in a circle.
Topic going on – as usual their complaints!!!
Round 1 – students to teacher- He is teasing me, they are calling me names, first he hit me so I also hit him back ma’am, I don’t like to sit with her, she is so irritating……and so on and so on…
Round 2- Teacher to students- trying to settle the students and bringing their attention to cooperation, understanding and tolerance.
The moment I said that you need to develop the power of “Tolerance” within you, one of the students asked me, ” ma’am, I knew you would say “Tolerate” but for how long should I tolerate?” ( I have tolerated and I can’t tolerate anymore.)
The class went quiet, all the eyes were at me with a question that what answer will  ma’am  give now?.
But…. this question had rewound the tape of my memories and had taken me back to my Integrity life class where we participants asked the same question to Vardan Sir and Parag sir.
After a while I told my students smilingly “Tolerate as much as you can. You should have the attitude of tolerance till you are living. (Bringing down the conversation to students’ level).
Next day, the same student came to me and told me , “ma’am this time I am tolerating but next time I will not, I am telling you now only”.
I smiled and told him that I am happy with you as you could show the power of tolerance today. Try and do the same even next time.
Again after few days, the same child comes to me and tells me the same thing, “ma’am,  see I spoke to him and told him that I am uncomfortable with his behaviour but next time I am not going to tolerate. I will take action, then you don’t tell me anything.
I again appreciated him for showing the power of tolerance. I spoke to him little more this time and explained to him about how he can control his anger.
The amazing thing which I could witness is that the ‘NEXT TIME’ was in control of the child. I was happy to raise the bar of tolerance each time for that child.
I can just say that the lessons of life for each one of us, be it a child or an adult, remains the same, only the situations differ.
It also gives me the sense that how often we use the word ‘Tolerance’ as a part of PYP vocabulary and in our day to day life. But it really takes a toll on our head to understand the real meaning of it and apply it in our life. It’s not as easy as we just speak it out lavishly.
I am happy that I could do a bit in my students’ life.
(It also took me back to the principles of 7 Habits, ‘The best way to learn is to teach and the best way to teach is to learn)

Gratitude for the Arts and Skills workshop

Just few days back when I received the feedback form for the life classes workshops, it reminded me of last year when  we had to select a life class for the current year. But somehow, I chose to attend Arts and Skills classes inspite of filling up the form for ‘Critical Thinking’ workshop. (However, no offense to the Critical Thinking workshop : ) )
Being a part of this Art and Skill life class for the entire year, it has stirred me to write this to you.
Personally, if I tell you I am not an artistic person neither inclined towards Arts but the time I spent in Art and Skill class, has helped me to be with myself. It has given me time to think about what I want, what are my wishes, desires or what I want to do. Or rather I would say it has helped me to express myself. All the sessions were wonderful, soothing, calm and so peaceful. The way you all conducted it was amazing.
The most important thing that I want to mention is by attending all the life classes in FS, I really had a good brainstorming about my problems and how to deal with them and  the fact is that, these classes have really helped me in my personal as well as professional fronts.
But while I was attending Arts life class, it helped me to be relaxed mentally and also gave me an opportunity to think about myself and not my problems.
Throughout this year, I really looked forward for the Arts life classes to happen as this was like ‘My time’.
I have no words for appreciation but through this mail I tried to express whatever little I could .Please accept my heartfelt gratitude to you all.
And once again, I am very proud of being in FS, which has given me an opportunity to understand and experience my life in a deeper and different way.
Special thanks to Neha, Payal and Mary ma’am for making the Arts workshop so interesting and captivating.

Art and Skills- A year long journey.

I was very excited when we started with “art and skills classes”, also after looking at the list of participants my reaction was, “MY GOD! mar gae, ye sab log bhi hai ismain”, inko art karwate karwate kahi hum apne skills bhul nehi jaen”……….. but as we started, slowly and gradually I realized that I was SOOOOO wrong, absolutely wrong. And now I am very sure, that whoever it may be, whatever profession he is coming form, irrespective of what he/she teaches, Art will always be an important part of their lives. 

The enthusiasm of participants made us (the facilitators) feel energetic even after the tiring hours of the day. I could see people being themselves on the days of life classes. It has always been a great experience working with all the participants. The best part about the workshop was nagging them to get up and go for breaks, for which they were never ready. It was difficult for us to make those enthusiastic bums to get up form their places. Those actions meant much more than appreciation. 

Be it a simple drawing or a time consuming artwork, everything was as unique as a Picasso painting………. All our newly originated Picassos will be soon displaying their talent. 

Here is a glimpse of the moment(s)…………………..

Neha Bhatia

DSC_0004_2 DSC_0003_2 DSC_0002_5 DSC_0002_4 DSC_0001_2 DSC_0180 DSC_0179 DSC_0176 DSC_0172 DSC_0171 DSC_0170 DSC_0169 DSC_0162 DSC_0157 DSC_0152 DSC_0145 DSC_0139 DSC_0136 DSC_0135 DSC_0134 DSC_0133 DSC_0129 DSC_0126 DSC_0125

My Journey of Arts!!

Exploring different forms of art and learning something new in each session, is something which I will always cherish. This workshop has brought me much closer to Arts as a whole, and I discovered a hidden artist in me. I usually liked Painting and Dancing, when it comes to arts. However, lately, I realized that Cooking was always an underlying passion. It was funnnnn exploring these different art forms. It made me connect well with my inner self and I was amused as it helped me work on the spiritual well-being in my life.

Thank you Arts and Skills Team, it was a frisky experience for me!! Looking forward to much more interesting sessions next year!! 🙂