Singing – Bhumit Kansara

The only thing better than singing is more singing. – Ella Fitzgerald

I was very passionate about singing and this year I got an opportunity to understand singing (vocals) in depth by getting myself enrolled for Singing in Life Class. Premsagar Sir started session with making us understand the basics of piano like classification of keys (Mandra, Madhya and Taar Saptak (Octave), its settings and adjustments, etc.

We were further introduced to:
– Different Raagas (Bhupali and Yaman)
– Breathing Techniques
– Sargam Geet with Raag Bhupali
– Aakars and Humming Practice
– Head and chest voice
– Notes (High and Low)
– Harmony Singing and Choir
– Ostinato
– Kharaj
– Rhythm
– Pitches (High & Low) and Voice Control
– Expressions with singing

We have practiced various songs in Hindi, Gujarati and Bengali languages.

We have also done individual recording of the song our choice. The link to my recording:

Thank you Premsagar Sir for conducting such wonderful sessions as I have improved a lot on my vocal skills.

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