Akash Gilitwala -7 Habits Alpha

Life class seemed intriguing to me, the name suggested a preaching methodology with a wholesome guidance or a path to sustain my life’s journey. On the very first day we were pioneered to the topic of PARADIGM and my paradigm a.nent life class was also detonated on that very day. It was more of a bilateral session between facilitators and us with lots of sharing of experiences.

Life classes enlightened me to introspect myself with a variety of questions which I had never even thought of. My extent of living and dealing with the same world with the same people before and after life classes have taken a turn completely. 

Something which I cherished in life classes were movie sessions, it was a different experience all together, I had outburst of my emotions in both the movies we watched, I cried and changed myself a little more. In the reflections of those, I spoke a little more. 

These classes were glasses to see people and the world in a different and better way. I became more empathetic and sympathetic. Assorted activities led me to melt, break the ice between souls and accredited me to put my point. 

We talked about 7-habits in session, it taught me to see, to evaluate and then to act. 

“I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday”.

I will try to be a model and not a critic, I will try to be a part of the solution and not a part of a problem.

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