Power lies within you

Every one has some or other problems or fears.  We general think why it is always me. Life is all about ups and downs just like our heartbeats if it is a straight line then we are not living. Accept it face the reality. Never Judge your life on many bad instances. If we will not come out of comfort zone and explore you will not able to know how much you are capable of. How much your life has stored for you. If you will get stick on past  sit and think  and then never able to live present and we waste your precious time.  Yes it is difficult it take time to come out of it. It is all about choices  you make in life can turn your life. When you  take power in your hands, change your thoughts. To live peacefully to move in life forgiveness is very important for healing growing. Forgive Live love laugh explore that’s life!! Cheers for your dreams!!


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