Learning Skills and Kindness!!!

With the onset of the classes, we were taken through the session of making ourselves independent.

On day 1, we had the following sessions:

  • Investment plans
  • Taking sexuality education in one of the government schools in Pandesara.

Experience of Day 1 was quite enlightening as we had detailed discussion on how to save and invest for our future. This session was was conducted by ‘The Money Tree’ organization. The next session was taken up by Lubaina on Sexuality Education with the teachers which was later on taken up in girls school in Pandesara (G1 to G4). They were taught about the basic naming body parts and how to stay safe (okay, confusing and not okay touch). The participants were satisfied taking this session as the audience was completely naive. Imparting the knowledge was the basic need which was achieved. We had a discussion on whether sessions like this could be taken for other grades as well.

On day 2, the following sessions were taken for the enrichment of teachers:

  • How to organize files (Medical, LIC, Heath Care, etc)
  • Gardening
  • CPR and first aid

The first session was taken by Mr. Nirav Shah on how to stay organized with the important files. He gave a detailed explanation on how to be aware and how important it is to stay updated during emergencies. He also told us the importance of family security in regards to these policies.

Second session was all about how to take care of plants and what are the possible indicators of plants getting damaged by Mr. Sameer Allawadi. It was a great experience to learn about identifying the problems faced by the plants, things to be kept in mind while growing plants/in-house gardening.

Third session was about saving lives in an emergency situation using CPR and first aid. Each and every participant was given a chance to do the role play.




Shreya Chawla

Asif Patel

Ankit Reshamwala

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