On the way towards Happiness

Day-5 and 6

The very first thought of school reopening made me feel low,a day before the day at school was not so hectic and yet  I was feeling low, but let me tell you where there is a will there is a way. Happiness class has always helped me overcome such obstacles. I transformed into a super energetic person after experiencing “Padmasadhna” and “Sudarshan kriya”. It was surprising for me and my family to see me so energetic, where else  I was feeling low and was having fever a day before. Evening I went for a walk and 2 km was so easy for me even after the long day chores. The knowledge points gained in the session was also somewhere helping me to overcome my stress. I watched few videos of guruji where he spoke about the significance of turmeric and alkaline water.

I hope  this new learning will help me in future as well but only if I practice it religiously.

One comment

  • maan ni feeling chhe te hu rango thi vyakt karu chhu
    Atyyar sudhi man ma je andhkar hato
    kay sodhatu hto
    man bhatktu htu
    ekla panu mehsoos thatu hatu
    pan chhela 2 days ma je rango ni ramzat thay
    maan khus thy gyu
    man na canvas pan jane sampoorna chitra bani gyu
    atma no anand no ehsas thavo
    koi divas vicharyu na htu ke painting except biju kay karva thi maan ne anand malse

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