INTEGRITY-Queen Movie Reflection

face the reality, face your fear, face the fact the present situation, whatever it is however it is accept it may be you dated a wrong person so what ? from that u learn a hard lesson. you chose a wrong major and had to start all over again. You cherished a friend who turned their back on you. it’s life. we LEARN, GET HURT, GET LOVED, WE CRY WE LAUGH and we do it allover again. Each experience we learn something and thats what we make us unique.

Don’t be puppet whose string in someone else’s hand, be independent and for that know yourself, do what you love to do, enjoy your own company, meet your true self and love yourself for all the things you love to do. Make a mark wherever you go, like in the movie after being dumped by the groom, Rani still went on the planned honeymoon alone and thats where she meet her self, where she met new people, make new friends, learn new things and become more confident.

Enjoy your freedom, be free from the sociatial thoughts and taboos, make your own rules to lead your life, Don’t let anyone over power your soul, your thoughts and real you, dont destroy your dreams and yourself for the sake of someone else, instead get up, gather the courage, face the fear and be ready to accept it in your own way.

Live your life in such a way as your never going to get another one, another day another moment. There is no way to hide, ignore or runaway from the present moment or reality, Always remember thats its only you can who can make yourself happy…. 🙂

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