The sessions began with understanding the term – “Integrity”. Then the discussion revolved around the fears that we have. In the process of identifying, it was realized that what seems to be a fear on the surface, may not be the real fear. In fact, the root cause of it will lead to the other fear.

The movie revolved around a girl who takes challenges in her life and tries to come out of her comfort zone. This movie shows fears that she has and how she tries to overcome that. In the earlier sessions, we already discussed our fears and problems. We also tried to understand the root cause of it. In the final analysis, it came to “I can’t handle it.”. This movie also helped us relate this statement with our lives as well.

It was relatable as the message from the movie was clear – “You only have to work on your fears. Accept them and try to overcome them by facing it. In the process, you confront your emerged self.”

It has been an enriching experience so far. Thanks to both the facilitators for creating an opportunity to grow.

I look forward to having the same sessions and discussions.

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