Integrity_Queen Movie Reflection

Movie Queen talk about equality and being positive towards life, For being happy and to live your life fullest. You are the only reason to be happy, your happiness is not depend on anyone else, if you are not happy, you can not make anyone happy. We all have the fear to face the truth the reality and that’s what is there in the movie … face it, accept it and live your life as today is the last day, live it fullest as your happiness is not depends on anyone else but its only YOU who can make yourself happy, find the happiness in yourself.

It is very important to know, understand and most importantly, explore yourself, love your own self to be happy with someone else. Traveling to new places, meeting new people, and collecting different experiences develops your personality, and your outlook towards life. It is important to “meet yourself” before you meet “the one” to whom you would want to submit yourself in love.

your true friends will always be there with you in all your ups and down in your life, so cherish their friendship, love them unconditionally.

Don’t be scared, don’t runaway from the reality the fact accept it and live your life the way you want because you are the one who can make yourself happy, you don’t need anyone else to be happy and always remember that NO ONE CAN HURT YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION…

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