हमने तो जब कलियाँ माँगी काँटों का हार मिला

BEWARE; You may expect Critical thinking to be fun, but it has it’s own way of making FUN of YOU. You’ll begin questing like…

“What’s the point 🙂 ” instead of  “What’s the Point 🙁 “

Self Awareness, Implicit bias, confirmation bias and there is whole list of cognitive bias….heavy words (Which is even difficult for me to remember; so I am going to stick to “Bias) what and what not, But a SERIOUS FUN.

Above all, It was Aman and Shraddha who made it easier to eat, chew and digest; Helped keep all useful and remove unwanted. Kudos to both of you for being their in the journey of Critical thinking otherwise I would have been in CRITICAL CONDITION, literary

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