My learning journey!

I’m sure that each of us, who has been a part of the life classes @ FS; must have seen some or the other transformations. Be it in their behaviour, mindset, personal or professional life , there’s something which has happened for good. Since years I’ve always believed in the power of positive thinking. Yet there were times when I used to feel helpless and quite low. The 7 habits classes helped me in identifying my circle of concerns and that of influence. It helped me to set my personal mission statement which indeed is work in progress still. But I’m glad to atleast consciously work upon that. The love classes worked like a wonder in my personal as well as professional life. More of acceptance and less of expectations keeps me calm and at peace with myself. The principles learnt in these classes are the key to live a meaningful and a content life. The sharing during the classes makes you think, you can make some connections with your personal life too. At times it gets difficult to accept that such things can really happen with someone. The courage that is shown by the participants is commendable. To be very honest, many of the times I’ve thanked god for blessing me with a less difficult life!!! But yes we know life is difficult, but the acceptance and the learning prepares you to deal with life; with courage, hope and believe.

And now is the time to be principled and work on those weakest points in me. That’s what integrity is all about! Though few simple things seem quite difficult as if I’ve no control on that. But having known that, I don’t give up. Because I ‘m responsible for my life and I ‘ve the ability to respond to the circumstances. I look forward to see yet more positive transformations in my as well as my colleagues’ life. I’m really grateful to god for giving me this wonderful opportunity which we all know as Fountainhead School !! It’s great to be a part of FS .Today I also take this opportunity to thank all my friends, facilitators and co-facilitators for guiding me through this learning journey.

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