Theory and Practice..

We often talk about a lot of what we have learnt in our life-love classes. We often know the theoretical aspects of what these classes teach us. Most of us do know that if we set ourselves a smart goal, progress could be inevitable. Well, we sometimes just feel lazy to do it. We will cross the bridge when we are there. Why worry about it now and break our heads? Don’t we have other better things to do than setting goals for ourselves? Why waste time with this? This is where life/ love classes could be helpful. This is where we ought to learn to put theory into practice. Extending the same situation, we should realise that goals are not about wasting but saving time. How is what we learn in these classes. Reflection, introspection are key terms that the classes stand for as far as I am concerned.
One question that I have been unable to completely resolve lingers. Are we imposing Western values in a our culture which is quite different? Or do we modify these values to our context? For instance, if I were to write a letter of forgiveness to my mother-in-law, do I give it to her? Will it be accepted in a rigidly conservative family? Or would it just end in a family skirmish? Or, I just stop thinking about the consequences, feel the fear and do it anyway? How significant will the impact be on the stakeholders?

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