Learning is lifelong process

Learning is lifelong process:

Learning never ends, life may. I am happy that my school gave me an opportunity to improve and understand by training. Last year, it was a chance to facilitate the support staff. It was a workshop on ‘7 Habits for Success’. When the new sessions started this year, I was excited for new learning. The beautiful topic was ‘Love Workshop’. Priti Pimpalkhare and I are facilitators for 2 of the support staff groups year workshops.

On the first day of workshop, we were asked about the experience of last year. It was really good feeling that the support staff was sharing the experience with open heart and telling that their lives have really improved after the workshop.  Most of the female members shared that earlier they were reactive. They used to shout and even hit the children. The training has helped us to handle the situation.

Then came the interesting part of ‘big pain area’. After a good amount of sharing they were supposed to write.

On the second day, it was time to learn about the problems and pain and discipline. We were asked what discipline is and why it is so important. The sub topics of discipline – ‘Delaying of gratification and the sins of the father’ followed. We shared some examples of delaying of gratification and how that helps in our life. All have agreed and promised that they will apply in day-to-day life and will share their experience in next class.

I also had a chance to introspect and share my experience where and how I improved in my personal and professional life. It has proved to be a very important training for me. I am longing for still better sessions in times to come!



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