Integrity learning : An act or a habit?

I had written what I thought I wanted to write in my notes ready to paste it here and post. But, somehow I didn’t do it. Is this what I wanted to write? No. Since many days I wanted to rewrite and post but nothing seemed to touch me. I cannot write if I don’t feel it. Moreover, the blood report had turned by world upside down. This was the report that  made me think again about life class and love class and those learnings. Sometimes, life gives you shock which is a blessing in disguise. All seven habits were swirling around me telling me to look back and introspect. So, it’s the right time for me to fill the “Reflection-Action-Paradigm” questions again and start working on it. A symptom identified earlier is a good prevention for future. And yes, integrity workshop is not a one time reflection and action. It is not a destination it is a process. It is not an isolated act but a life long habit.




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