Fears leads us to growth


This year we are reading the book, feel the fear and do it anyway. In the starting of session, I was thinking that I could read it alone. Why I am giving so much time to this and that I will get bored.

We started reading chapter wise and shared our fears. Pata hi nahi chala ki do din kaise beet gaye. We all were in empathy with each other and supported to overcome their fears. I realized that we all are in the same boat with more or less. I think this makes us human.

Fears, according to me, can be defined as your worries or things with which you got stuck. Even you know the solutions, you don’t want to come out because it makes you uncomfortable. You need to come out of your comfort zone or in other words, you need to grow.

Growth is natural but it could be restricted by us because of our fears.

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