Happiness life class

The word ‘Happiness’ earlier I  understood that a smile on our face or laughing with someone, enjoyment but after joining this life class, there is a different meaning of Happiness.

In this session I learnt that when there is a peace in mind then you can feel happiness. When you are not affected because  of the actions of others and remain calm by controlling your emotions, it means you have self control . There is a power inside you which gives you the strength to live with your happiness and let it be in life as it’s going on because we can’t change the situations only we have to learn to survive according it.

I learnt Sudarshan kriya, meditation which helped me a lot to calm my anger and  gives me inner energy. I also learnt many assanas which help me to keep me physically as well as mentally healthy.

Through one activity I learnt many other things as we don’t need words to convey our message there are our emotions which put sense in the words.

Happiness session has shown me a path which can help me to lead a healthy and happy life.  I was thinking only what can I do to keep me healthy, how can I manage my stress, how can I get energy to do work, all these I am giftes from ‘Happiness session’

Thanks to all those who are involved to give me a wonderful gift of life.

‘Safar’ Integrity ka….

Well, this story began three years back when we all found ourselves together for the 7 habits life classes. We entered the class with a lot of apprehension in our hearts. However, before we could realize we had smoothly sailed through 7 Habits and Love Class and were ready for the final ‘INTEGRITY’ class. Like everybody else, even we were aware of the rumors as to how heavy and mentally exhausting integrity classes would be. But the only satisfying thought was that our crew remained the same, although the captains kept changing.

Looking back, over these years we realize that we have implemented the learnings of these classes both consciously and unconsciously in our lives. One thing we all agree to is that sharing in these classes helped us to realize and understand that we are much better off than others. We are responsible for our own life and hence making informed choices and letting go illegitimate pain is the way to ultimate happiness.

A little confused as to how should we conclude. On second thoughts, does it bring us to the end of life classes or does it lead to a new beginning……..

Musafir is safar mein – Shreya Chawla, Dipti Singhal, Ankit Reshamwala, Mitali Shah.

INTEGRITY 2017…! I think i just graduated…??

This is my reflection on the integrity class I had attended this past academic year alongside my peers in my 4th year of instruction at our beloved FS!

The class taught me wonderful facets and dimensions of myself and the improvements I needed to make in life, as my goals were being achieved or are in motion sought of speak. I learned about closure, the realities of our perceptions and most of all, an honesty with ones self that fuels ones own pride..!

See, scientific evidence tells us that in order for us facilitators to be successful we have to “let the student, teach the student” and we in turn just “guide” them along the way….well guess what?  It’s true, as a student in the INTEGRITY class, i was a student teaching myself to be integral in my current situations. This past year was quite a dignified moment of my life. It has taken me places that I was not aware of at all and it has brought a new confidence to my existence. I must carry the burden of my expectations with integrity and dignity.

I learned to deal with stressful problems with a calmer demeanor then before and I learned what I could achieve if i put my own mind to it, as a family man, friend and facilitator slash coach. I had to make some strong important decisions that dictated important outcomes in most cases and some did not work as well( I learned from those too) I realized that at the end of the day, the only thing we all really have in common is time, our utilization of it or how we HANDLE IT differs from person to person. But in the INTEGRITY experience, the time between classes was the blessing in disguise, because it enabled me to put theory into practice and I got to witness all the data in 3D, 4G, HD…!!

The facilitators of the INTEGRITY class and my fellow batch mates were very mature and to the point. I would like to think we all grew and blossomed in our respective lives, so much so, that today we are all still together and have maintained a consistent output for our FS and in the lives that we live in today…..!

We can proudly say, we are graduates from the INTEGRITY BATCH OF 2017..!


Thanking you all,





Listening …. listening… and again listening….

Understood the meaning of saying “The grass is always greener on the other side”.

At times we presume and become  judgemental about people without even knowing them. These class gave me chance to know people and their suffereing, pain and also how strongly some of my friends  dealt with their problem.These class taught me that we are driver of our own life,our happiness and our suffering. After listening to my friends prespectives on different problems i got clear understanding of legitimate and illegitimate pain.

I have many take away from all the classes Life, Love and Integrity. These classes makes my life smoother and peaceful.

A big thank to FS for conducting such classes and providing forum  where we can share and listen to others without any hestiation and fear.

Also i would like to thank Chinki ma’am and Zahabiya ma’am for listening to us and help us motivate us for introspection that really help to solve many problems.


Thank you.



MY journey of ‘Love class’

It has been a wonderful journey of knowing and understanding the real essence of life . Love , marriage and parenting are the important stages of ones life where there are many misconceptions and believes attached.
The statement – “Life is difficult ” was the highlight of the whole journey for me. As accepting the situation and taking charge of the same makes it easy to deal with.
An eye opener of the journey was the ‘parenting session, where being a mother I could relate myself . Parenting session was a learning, understanding , reflecting and realizing.
Lastly, “Love is extending yourself “- be it a daughter, a wife or a mother……

A heartily thanks to my facilitators.

Reflection life

I understood the true meaning of Love,love class is Introspection in our life. It is a real life application.Parenting one of my area of interest and I am very keen and attached to my kid. My learning from this class about parenting is I have to give quality time to my kid.

Different stages of marriage life is a new learning me .Marriage is definitely not an easy ride, its a journey with lots of learning. My personal view is life is not difficult but “life is game, its play” . I am still working on balancing my life .

“Love you Zindagi” – Life is difficult yet beautiful……

Would like to start with a quote from the great Dalai Lama:    ” When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace & joy”.

At the start of the first session, I was thinking why will we be discussing about love as love is a natural feeling that one experiences right from birth ( starting with love from parents and then others). Only once the session started, I realised that how love was connected to life, happiness and how it could affect the journey of one’s life.

It is a fact that ” life is difficult ” and the choice is entirely ours,  how we lead and live it. Life being not easy, we come across many problems and sometimes we make it more complicated. If we accept the fact that problems are always going to be there and face it strongly, life would go on far more smoothly rather than crying over it and end up putting less efforts towards overcoming the issues. Suffering was also one of the points covered and it is again a truth that suffering is always emotional. There is pain involved in love and relationships and pain can either be physical or emotional. How important is suffering for an individual as it is definitely an experience and learning for a person.

Another important learning was delayed gratification and how it could also affect one’s life and relationship. I could do reality check for myself over it and discovered how things could have been smooth and better, if I would had done certain activities timely instead of delaying the same. Running away from responsibilities and problems would not do any good at all & openness to challenges would really reap dividends.

Further, as love’s definition, 8 stages of love, dependency & entitles of marriage was covered, it helped me do a reality check, reflect and apply the learnings personally especially to strengthen the bond & relationship with family, friends & colleagues. I see myself calm and responsible now responding to personal issues and fulfilling the expectations of everyone at home.

Parenting & forgiveness was widely covered and the valuable sharing by everyone during the session is definitely going to benefit. Parenting tips and challenges were noted as I am yet to become a parent and various experiences shared during the session will definitely help me at some point of time. To forgive and forget is a virtue which is really difficult but once the person applies it in actual he would definitely feel light and relaxed as it would surely result in improved relationship.

Would like to thank Hasina maam & Falguni maam for providing us the space where we could extend ourselves & share individual opinions & experiences. Also, would like to thank all the participants for showing tremendous spirit & enthusiasm during all the sessions, making them very  interesting & highly interactive. Looking forward towards the next step – Integrity.

Yes, there is a solution to every problem…!!!

First of all thank you so much FS for conducting Life/Love classes that have actually changed approach towards life.

I have accepted that Life is difficult and once accepted, I could actually see the changes in my life and now I am able to handle it in an appropriate way and able to enjoy. One more thing I have learned is that every problem has a solution, I think the thing is that first, we need to understand the problem properly so that we can come up with multiple solutions/options to solve a problem. In daily life, we come up with a lot of problems and if we starting thinking of solutions for those problems then it will make our life easier. And sometimes few problems or things give us pain but I think that pain actually makes me strong and ultimately I’m growing. My approach towards problems has become more positive.

Now whenever any problem comes, the first thing I do is I make myself calm and cool, say myself that not to worry and let’s find a solution for it. This thing has actually boosted my confidence.

Thanks so much to all facilitators and participants for sharing and making me grow.. 🙂

Karan Chevli

Love class

My journey of love class is an enriching one. It helped me to love myself. The  journey of my  life is now smooth to sail,  be it a professional or personal life. The power of acceptance is wonderful. It helped to forgive and build on relationship. It also helped to face challenges with courage.

The most important part is confrontation which I generally avoid. It helped to build on relationship. Listening is an art.

“Sometimes all a person wants is an empathetic ear; all he or she needs is to talk it out. Just offering a listening ear and an understanding heart for his or her suffering can be a big comfort.”
Roy T. Bennett

It’s important to listen to understand then to reply is a key take away from the love class.


Reflection – Love Class

I always used to think, why my life is difficult and why I am the only victim. This thought was driving me from last ten years which was limiting me to perform in my life. In Love Class, I have gone through a fact that life is anyway going to be difficult and it is going to throw the circumstances to test me. Accepting this reality helped me to improve on my thoughts about life and helped to prepare myself to handle the circumstances and not to become a victim of it.

I have learned about Discipline which helped to balance my professional and personal life in a more settled manner. I learnt about Love and showing my love to my loved ones where I am extending myself to improve relationships with my parents. I also found that as compared to previous year, this year I had a better rapport with my students.

I have learned about Marriage, its stages which helped me identify my current stage and how can I take it to a next better level and also Core Dynamics which is helping me to make my marriage life smoother. It helped me to let go the things which comes across my healthy relationships. I have a better relationship with my father now after I have learned the distinction Forgiveness.

I wanted to thank my facilitators Falguni Ma’am and Hasina Ma’am who helped me in giving a ray of hope to my life. So, overall Love Class had a great impact on my life and helped me to be a better individual.

Thank you.

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