Listening …. listening… and again listening….

Understood the meaning of saying “The grass is always greener on the other side”.

At times we presume and become  judgemental about people without even knowing them. These class gave me chance to know people and their suffereing, pain and also how strongly some of my friends  dealt with their problem.These class taught me that we are driver of our own life,our happiness and our suffering. After listening to my friends prespectives on different problems i got clear understanding of legitimate and illegitimate pain.

I have many take away from all the classes Life, Love and Integrity. These classes makes my life smoother and peaceful.

A big thank to FS for conducting such classes and providing forum  where we can share and listen to others without any hestiation and fear.

Also i would like to thank Chinki ma’am and Zahabiya ma’am for listening to us and help us motivate us for introspection that really help to solve many problems.


Thank you.



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