Reflection – Love Class

I always used to think, why my life is difficult and why I am the only victim. This thought was driving me from last ten years which was limiting me to perform in my life. In Love Class, I have gone through a fact that life is anyway going to be difficult and it is going to throw the circumstances to test me. Accepting this reality helped me to improve on my thoughts about life and helped to prepare myself to handle the circumstances and not to become a victim of it.

I have learned about Discipline which helped to balance my professional and personal life in a more settled manner. I learnt about Love and showing my love to my loved ones where I am extending myself to improve relationships with my parents. I also found that as compared to previous year, this year I had a better rapport with my students.

I have learned about Marriage, its stages which helped me identify my current stage and how can I take it to a next better level and also Core Dynamics which is helping me to make my marriage life smoother. It helped me to let go the things which comes across my healthy relationships. I have a better relationship with my father now after I have learned the distinction Forgiveness.

I wanted to thank my facilitators Falguni Ma’am and Hasina Ma’am who helped me in giving a ray of hope to my life. So, overall Love Class had a great impact on my life and helped me to be a better individual.

Thank you.

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