INTEGRITY 2017…! I think i just graduated…??

This is my reflection on the integrity class I had attended this past academic year alongside my peers in my 4th year of instruction at our beloved FS!

The class taught me wonderful facets and dimensions of myself and the improvements I needed to make in life, as my goals were being achieved or are in motion sought of speak. I learned about closure, the realities of our perceptions and most of all, an honesty with ones self that fuels ones own pride..!

See, scientific evidence tells us that in order for us facilitators to be successful we have to “let the student, teach the student” and we in turn just “guide” them along the way….well guess what?  It’s true, as a student in the INTEGRITY class, i was a student teaching myself to be integral in my current situations. This past year was quite a dignified moment of my life. It has taken me places that I was not aware of at all and it has brought a new confidence to my existence. I must carry the burden of my expectations with integrity and dignity.

I learned to deal with stressful problems with a calmer demeanor then before and I learned what I could achieve if i put my own mind to it, as a family man, friend and facilitator slash coach. I had to make some strong important decisions that dictated important outcomes in most cases and some did not work as well( I learned from those too) I realized that at the end of the day, the only thing we all really have in common is time, our utilization of it or how we HANDLE IT differs from person to person. But in the INTEGRITY experience, the time between classes was the blessing in disguise, because it enabled me to put theory into practice and I got to witness all the data in 3D, 4G, HD…!!

The facilitators of the INTEGRITY class and my fellow batch mates were very mature and to the point. I would like to think we all grew and blossomed in our respective lives, so much so, that today we are all still together and have maintained a consistent output for our FS and in the lives that we live in today…..!

We can proudly say, we are graduates from the INTEGRITY BATCH OF 2017..!


Thanking you all,




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