‘Safar’ Integrity ka….

Well, this story began three years back when we all found ourselves together for the 7 habits life classes. We entered the class with a lot of apprehension in our hearts. However, before we could realize we had smoothly sailed through 7 Habits and Love Class and were ready for the final ‘INTEGRITY’ class. Like everybody else, even we were aware of the rumors as to how heavy and mentally exhausting integrity classes would be. But the only satisfying thought was that our crew remained the same, although the captains kept changing.

Looking back, over these years we realize that we have implemented the learnings of these classes both consciously and unconsciously in our lives. One thing we all agree to is that sharing in these classes helped us to realize and understand that we are much better off than others. We are responsible for our own life and hence making informed choices and letting go illegitimate pain is the way to ultimate happiness.

A little confused as to how should we conclude. On second thoughts, does it bring us to the end of life classes or does it lead to a new beginning……..

Musafir is safar mein – Shreya Chawla, Dipti Singhal, Ankit Reshamwala, Mitali Shah.

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