“Love you Zindagi” – Life is difficult yet beautiful……

Would like to start with a quote from the great Dalai Lama:    ” When you think everything is someone else’s fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace & joy”.

At the start of the first session, I was thinking why will we be discussing about love as love is a natural feeling that one experiences right from birth ( starting with love from parents and then others). Only once the session started, I realised that how love was connected to life, happiness and how it could affect the journey of one’s life.

It is a fact that ” life is difficult ” and the choice is entirely ours,  how we lead and live it. Life being not easy, we come across many problems and sometimes we make it more complicated. If we accept the fact that problems are always going to be there and face it strongly, life would go on far more smoothly rather than crying over it and end up putting less efforts towards overcoming the issues. Suffering was also one of the points covered and it is again a truth that suffering is always emotional. There is pain involved in love and relationships and pain can either be physical or emotional. How important is suffering for an individual as it is definitely an experience and learning for a person.

Another important learning was delayed gratification and how it could also affect one’s life and relationship. I could do reality check for myself over it and discovered how things could have been smooth and better, if I would had done certain activities timely instead of delaying the same. Running away from responsibilities and problems would not do any good at all & openness to challenges would really reap dividends.

Further, as love’s definition, 8 stages of love, dependency & entitles of marriage was covered, it helped me do a reality check, reflect and apply the learnings personally especially to strengthen the bond & relationship with family, friends & colleagues. I see myself calm and responsible now responding to personal issues and fulfilling the expectations of everyone at home.

Parenting & forgiveness was widely covered and the valuable sharing by everyone during the session is definitely going to benefit. Parenting tips and challenges were noted as I am yet to become a parent and various experiences shared during the session will definitely help me at some point of time. To forgive and forget is a virtue which is really difficult but once the person applies it in actual he would definitely feel light and relaxed as it would surely result in improved relationship.

Would like to thank Hasina maam & Falguni maam for providing us the space where we could extend ourselves & share individual opinions & experiences. Also, would like to thank all the participants for showing tremendous spirit & enthusiasm during all the sessions, making them very  interesting & highly interactive. Looking forward towards the next step – Integrity.

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