Digging deep

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching, and one must have those principles for themselves, but how to be consistent with this was something that could only be attained through effort and morality. There is often the case that we won’t be true to ourselves and we are the only ones who are aware of it, which makes none of the others point a finger at us, understanding the concept and digging deeper into it, I was able to find my grey areas where I can work on and move on to a path to make myself better than I am now. Working on the RAP sheet opened up a lot of blind spots of mine which need improvement, it helped me analyze the possibilities/outcomes and the impact of my action on myself, as well as the people around me.

Moving on to EI, emotional intelligence for me is having a balance or control over the emotions we feel and having the ability or awareness of how to react. Things seemed puzzling till I got to know the concept of amygdala hijack, and that’s when I realized why I react the way I do, it’s not me it’s just the adrenaline rush – Jk, learning this made things way simpler for me, as I am now mindful of this thing happening in my body is just a natural process and controlling the same becomes easier after knowing this behind the s-cience ;P.

All in all, the experience of going through this change in itself is a task, however, life class makes it an enjoyable and easier process and experience.

Knowing my emotions!!

Life class sessions are something that I always look forward to. It is the time when we are relaxed and shares our hearts. So far during Integrity & EI sessions, I could learn many things and one of the best things was being mindful. Knowing my emotions and being mindful about what and how I am delivering my thoughts. Being a person who is very emotional and hurting own self for every silly thing I could learn how can manage my emotions and control my actions for my mental peace. Indeed a wonderful session for being wise about my mental state.

Enjoyed the sesison

Here are a few things that I enjoyed the most, 1. The meditation we did, was a very nice and relaxing experience, 2. then we discussed awareness of one’s own emotions and what role the amygdala plays in it, 3. how the self-assessment leads to self-awareness, 4. The activity we did to practice mindful listening, 5. the movie we saw, was a beautiful experience and also reiterated all the things that were discussed in during the session.

Honesty when no one’s looking; Mindfulness is the key to success! – My Takeaways!

We began this year’s life class began with us identifying what integrity means which we then learnt was just a partial picture in our minds. The workshop enlightened us, showed us what integrity truly means with case studies, discussions and movie analysis. We shared our own life experiences, discussed where we had practiced integrity and how it impacted those around us.

For the ongoing Emotional Intelligence classes, (which according to me is the most productive and practical) we learnt a variety of lessons which will help us in our personal as well as professional lives. The Amygdala Hijack was an interesting concept wherein emotions take the front seat and drive our actions. We learnt how to tackle this with pointers, case studies and thorough discussions via each others real life examples.


With two more classes left, I am looking forward to learning more about Emotional Intelligence and learning tips and tricks that will go a long way.

Integrity & EI

Emotional intelligence is such a vast topic, I never knew. I always thought I am very mature with my emotions but I have eventually realised that being emotion less is not being emotionally mature. These 6 sessions so far have taught me so much about Integrity and Emotional Intelligence at a very deep level. Moreover the bond that I have made people around me which I always struggled to make have been stronger than ever. I have learnt having people around and feeling the emotions for them when they talk and listening is a very crucial skill which I have developed really well so far. I will be yearning to find a “FLOW” in my life and that’s the ultimate goal to achieve satisfaction with being emotionally intelligent. Meditation and self time is one of the biggest take away I have from these session. I always have felt that I am not very calm but eventually I have started loving myself, my roots and now it makes me appreciate everything and everyone around me. I still have this goal to be more calm and contented person which fingers crossed I will reach very soon. Thank you Fountainhead for this amazing opportunity, I never knew I will love these sessions so so much!

Integrity & EI

Knowing one’s fear and living a life with the same has become a common trait in today’s world, but identifying the root cause and finding ways to deal with it has never been a priority for us which stagers our overall growth and leads to an unsatisfied life. This year through Life Class, this problem of identifying different fears and dealing with the same has been enhanced to a great extent. What makes us hold back in several situations and why do we never want to face certain challenges based on our pre-conceived notions, these areas are highlighted with valid reasonings this year which makes us come out of it and strengthens us to make an action plan to resolve the same. I have understood that to have certain fears in life is normal and universal, some might show it while others may keep it within but what’s important is to feel empowered and to have the vision to face it. Different techniques and activities conducted during the life class helped me to broaden my understanding of fears and how it’s normal to be oneself without doubting the way we live. The classes we had so far have helped me to identify my fears and have motivated to create an action plan for the same.

Waiting for the upcoming sessions.

Integrity + EI- Eta

The start to this year’s life classes was a great experience.Well, i knew what integrity was before we started but now the meaning has become purposive, and up until now i knew my mistakes as mistakes only but then we make mistakes due to some or the other factor and one such was FEAR.

The previous two years and this year’s two classes have already given a depth to the life I have lived till now, it is all coming together in a very positive way.  The activities firstly diminished the awkwardness within the newly allocated participants this year, the sharing gradually increased with comfort from each other and the facilitators have been patiently listening to us as well as catering to each and every participant’s understanding.


Looking forward to the next…..
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