Honesty when no one’s looking; Mindfulness is the key to success! – My Takeaways!

We began this year’s life class began with us identifying what integrity means which we then learnt was just a partial picture in our minds. The workshop enlightened us, showed us what integrity truly means with case studies, discussions and movie analysis. We shared our own life experiences, discussed where we had practiced integrity and how it impacted those around us.

For the ongoing Emotional Intelligence classes, (which according to me is the most productive and practical) we learnt a variety of lessons which will help us in our personal as well as professional lives. The Amygdala Hijack was an interesting concept wherein emotions take the front seat and drive our actions. We learnt how to tackle this with pointers, case studies and thorough discussions via each others real life examples.


With two more classes left, I am looking forward to learning more about Emotional Intelligence and learning tips and tricks that will go a long way.

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